Stéarinerie Dubois


Ingredients - Emulsifiers
Ingredients - Oils/ Butters/ Waxes
Ingredients - Surfactants

Stand: 640

Telephone: 01260291000

Company Profile

Founded in 1820, Stéarinerie Dubois is a French family-owned company still headed by descendants of its original founder. It specializes in the production of technological lipids called esters, substances that are essential ingredients in a great many everyday items: cosmetics, medications, foods ….. Without realizing it, virtually everyone has at least one Stéarinerie Dubois product in their home. These lipids produced by Stéarinerie Dubois are all bio-inspired by nature adopting their chemical structures while optimizing or improving their properties. Natural, but even better! All of the production is carried out at our factory in France, in the heart of a natural park, using processes based on the principles of green chemistry.


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