Roka Furadada

Stand: 1121
Category: Sun Care - Protection


Company Profile

Roka Furadada is a chemical start up founded in Barcelona in 2019 with a clear mission : to reduce the incidence of skin cancer and other skin diseases related to UV radiation through research , development production and sales of highly efficient active ingredients , with low toxicological and environmental impact.

Roka smart UV PvB 360

The first photo adaptive solar molecule on the market , using ROKA SMART UV technology.

When exposed to sunlight , compounds based on this technology have the ability to '' switch on '' and change into new structured that provide high levels of long lasting photoprotection . By mimicking the ability of plants and other living organism to respond to solar radiation , They offer a tailored photoprotection that adapts to environmental.

Roka smart UV PvB 360 is designed to boost protection in the UVA radiation spectrum of cosmetic formulations for sun care, skin care and hair care

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