Stand: 303
Category: Decoratives - Facial Makeup, Ingredients - Actives, Ingredients - Emulsifiers, Skin Care - Anti-Aging, Sustainable

Contact Name: Clare Goodwin
Telephone: +39 02 3351 0150

Company Profile

ROELMI HPC is an Italian company that offers both active and functional ingredients. Their range of active ingredients are developed from biotechnological or naturally based plant sources all supported by extensive in-vitro and in-vivo studies and detailed safety profiles. This includes their range of full spectrum Hyalurons for targeted biological action on skin as well as highly efficacious natural actives and patented delivery platforms. The speciality functional materials include olive-derived emulsions, liquids and waxes, as well as fruit waters and novel, natural and biodegradable alternatives to Palm oil derived esters and plastic microbeads.


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