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Hair Care - Conditioning
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Skin Care - Anti-Aging
Skin Care - Facial Care
Sun Care - UV Filters

Stand: 1121

Email: personalcare.gb@dksh.com
Website: http://www.oryza.co.jp/html/english/
Address: 32 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AY, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Oryza Oil and Fat Chemical Co Ltd is a Japanese producer of many products derived from rice and other plant sources which provide many good skincare attributes and hair growth promotion. Technical dossiers are available to support the use of Oryza products in areas such as anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti-pigmentation, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Polyamine has been proven to aid hair growth and quality of eyelashes whilst reducing chemical damage to hair. Latest extracts to be launched include Buckwheat Leaf extract to reduce under-eye circles and Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) Extract for anti-glycation and collagen boosting benefits.

Please visit DKSH Stand 633 for more information.

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