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Oriel Marine Extracts


Stand: 650

Telephone: +35 3419 889624
Email: info@orielmarineextracts.com
Website: https://www.orielmarineextracts.com

Company Profile

Oriel Marine Extracts developed patented technology to uncover and extract the rare and powerful nutrients of deep sea water. Magnesium, Minerals and Trace Elements in a unique free ion liquid form deliver an ingredient with supreme bioavailability and efficacy while improving the impact of other nutrients/ingredients. Synergy. Investment in five years of independent clinical research witnessed synergistic impacts across connected pathways, such as improving the efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid while upregulating it’s activity and that of multiple Collagen Gene biomarkers while simultaneously improving skin barrier, hydration, scarring and inflammatory impacts. Oriel Sustainable credentials are first class and supported by Organic and Kosher certification.

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