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Hair Care - Conditioning
Ingredients - Actives
Ingredients - Emulsifiers
Ingredients - Oils/ Butters/ Waxes
Skin Care - Anti-Aging
Skin Care - Body Care
Skin Care - Facial Care

Stand: 1041

Telephone: 33 (0) 498 113 800
Email: info@natura-tec.com
Website: https://www.natura-tec.com/

Company Profile

As part of the APG Group which has a long history and expertise in the manufacture of natural raw materials, Natura-Tec, the leader of the personal Care division, has evolved through the years expanding its activities from the production of “green” vegetable specialties to “blue” microalgae actives obtained thanks to renewable, ethical and ecological manufacturing processes.

Natura-Tec draws inspiration from its unique location immersed in the beauty of nature and rich in the history of cultivation and use of plants for cosmetic purposes: The French Riviera.

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