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Stand: 1030

Contact Name: Mathilde Ravailler
Telephone: +33 (0)5 57 29 03 70
Email: m.ravailler@naolys.com
Website: https://www.naolys.com

Company Profile

Naolys is a French company, which has stood out as a pioneer and leader in the field of plant cell biotechnology for more than 20 years. Naolys’ patented biotechnology allows it to create whole ACTIVE PLANT CELLS, which are derived from complete natural metabolisms found within the plant cells themselves.

Naolys offers an exclusive portfolio dedicated to ACTIVE PLANT CELLS of more than 75 high-performance active ingredients that benefits any cosmetic formulations and prioritizes environmental sustainability.

If you are looking for:
- superior efficacy
- cutting-edge biotechnology
- sustainable and eco-friendly
- personalized skincare solutions
- scientifically proven results
- trust and reliability
- harnessing the power of nature

Come and meet our passionate team and local distributor!
More to discover at www.naolys.com.

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