Hall(s): Hall 1
Stand: 627

Telephone: +3210238410
Email: contact@minasolve.com
Website: http://www.minasolve.com

Company Profile

Biobased chemistry is penetrating all market segments and is promoted more and more to the users of final products. Cosmetic and beauty care is one of the industries were this trend is strongly growing and gives challenges to the key players to develop new formulations in line with consumer demands. New formulations means new ingredients with stronger sustainable approach for
the production of the raw material and the final products.

MinasolveTM is helping in such achievement by proposing bio-ingredients developed under the green chemistry principles to cope with market demands and customer focus.
Pentiol Green+TM is a unique biobased “odorless” pentylene glycol. It has now proven its versatility in its use in cosmetic formulations and brings multiple properties to the final products (preservative booster, moisturizer, emollient, solubilizer).

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