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Contact Name: Julie McAuley
Telephone: 02477103306
Address: Unit C1, Loades ecoparc, Blackhorse Rd, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 9FW, United Kingdom

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LUTZ Drum Pumps:
Even high viscosity pumps come to their application limits very fast, when trying to pump high-viscous, non-flowable substances. The newly developed drum emptying system with follower plate from Lutz exceeds these limits and the infinitely variable operation enables particularly gentle pumping of pastes and non-flowable substances in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. The follower plate system can be used to pump highly viscous, pasty and viscous substances which are not capable to flow. Examples from the various application fields are lipsticks, mascara, ice cream, tomato paste, infant food, ointments, fats and colours.
The complete system is supplied on a mobile trolley. The manual, infinitely variable control of the FDA-compliant hydraulics gently deposits the follower plate on the medium. The conveying speed is infinitely variable and the containers are emptied almost pulsation-free
Sealing lips made of EPDM (also available in FKM or PTFE) adapt perfectly to the container. Only a small amount remains in the container after emptying which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly
An integrated sensor ensures that the pump is protected against dry running. Cylindrical drums, but also slightly conical containers, with or without drum inliner, can be emptied.
Adjustable drum retaining clamps secure the containers from the outside when the follower plate is removed. This is additionally supported by the application of compressed air.
To ensure fast and cost-effective cleaning, the plate and pump tube can be disassembled quickly by using Tri-Clamp connections. Generally, the follower plate is operated with a 3A-approved free of bacteria traps and thread-free pump. The mobile trolley, the hydraulic unit and the follower plate are also made of polished stainless steel.
Depending on the pump size and the drive motors that can be combined with it, flow rates of up to 120 l/min can be achieved. The range of drive options extends from standard three-phase motors with frequency converter to compressed air motors and gear motors.
When retracted, the total height of the system is only 2.12 m and is therefore ideally suited for low ceiling heights and transport in elevators. The weight of the mobile unit, without pump, is approx. 140 kg.



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