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Lucideon is a development and commercialisation organisation (DCO), specialising in materials technology, processes, and testing. With specific expertise in all aspects of formulation, packaging, and process development, our product optimisation teams can support your internal resources to solve challenges within the product development cycle. The formulation services are complemented by our accredited GMP analytical and microbiology teams, alongside our world-leading surface science team, with a proven track record in cross-industry visualisations for claim support.


2:30 pm - 2:50 pm

Assessing Product Sensory Experience with a Machine Learning Model Trained with Expert Sensory Panel Data and Analytical Data: A Novel Approach to Optimise the Use of Expert Sensory Panel

We will present a machine learning method to directionally predict/screen the sensory performance based on analytical measurements of novel product formulations. Our method aims to reduce the burden on costly sensory panel studies and streamline the new product development cycle by using appropriate product characterisation data. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method on an... Read more »

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