Jojoba Desert

Stand: 215

Telephone: 020 8445 9036

Company Profile

Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading jojoba oil provider, based in the heart of the Israeli desert.
JD provides various jojoba products globally, to top international cosmetics brands, cosmetics manufacturers, laboratories and distributors.
We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships. Our customers feel safe knowing that we carry their care, provide innovative products, stable supply and engage in responsible leadership.

As a cooperative settlement (Kibbutz) owned entity, we leverage over 25 years of combined pioneering spirit, world-class technological, agronomic and manufacturing experience and expertise. Our key to success is rooted deep within our connection to the Israeli desert and its unique soil. Ever-driven towards excellence, we carry your care, from seed to oil. We are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, seeking to offer a stable supply of high-quality, standard-compliant jojoba-based products that satisfy ever customer’s ingredient, sensory and rejuvenating cosmetic need.

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