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Company Profile

Hydrior AG, founded in 1946 and located in Wettingen (Switzerland), is a committed partner in the field of surfactant production for the cosmetics

Hydrior AG offers customers the possibility of preserving the aqueous surfactants according to their specifications and making fine adjustments in viscosity or pH value.

Sustainability is a top priority at Hydrior AG. Whenever possible, Vegetable, palm oil-free raw materials are used.

Hydriol PGCH.4

These polyglycerol esters are PEG-free, nonionic
surfactants with a good solubilising effect
especially for essential oils.

sulfate-free and PEG-free anionic surfactants in
liquid form. Because of its mildness
HYDRIOL® CLA is the ideal foaming ingredient
for the use in baby shampoos, intimate wash
products, body scrubs and facial cleansers

hydrophile polyglycerol esters gives
an outstanding, non-sticky feeling to the skin.
The liquid form allows the O/W emulsifiers to be
processed cold, enabling the manufacture of
lotions in spray form

high-performance emulsifiers enable the
manufacture of especially light and easily
spreadable W/O emulsions with a water content
of up to 75 %

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