Stand: 109

Telephone: +33 6 19 75 31 54
Email: vdaniel@hallstar.com
Website: http://www.hallstar.com/beauty-personal-care-solutions

Company Profile

Hallstar Beauty is a leading provider of specialty chemistry solutions for skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care, lip care and toiletries. Our extensive expertise in photostabilization science, oil-extracted, 100% vegetal eco-actives innovation, and functional naturals development sets us apart.

Hallstar’s global capabilities in product development, sales and manufacturing boast operations in the United States, Italy, France, China and Brazil, and benefit from the talented teams joining Hallstar from B&T, Oléos and Fortinbrás. Our product lines include the innovative technology from the well-known collections of those acquired brands.

In addition to hundreds of ready-made formulations, our experienced research and development team can work closely with you to develop innovative, custom solutions for your specific need. Hallstar Beauty is prepared to provide technical, regulatory and operational support, and our laboratories are equipped to conduct in vitro SPF/PFA testing on-site.

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