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Company Profile

Greenphyt, a company located in Brittany, has for main purpose to become one of the most important suppliers of natural plants for cosmetics and food professionals in France and abroad.

Our PhytPeel range, natural exfoliating raw material for the cosmetic industry, is already composed of 45 vegetals and minerals products and is always expending according to customer’s needs.
Our BioPhytPeel range is 100% organic certified according to the cosmos standard, and can be use in all your organic formulas.
Our PhytMic range is composed of micronized plants and answer your need in term of powderous actives, dyes or texturizing agents.
Our Colored PhytPeel line is the answer to your need in colored exfoliants.
Our PhytExtract range is composed of natural seaweeds and plant extracts based on the use of various solvent (glycerin, Oil, BG, PG) and allows us to work with our rich local resources.
Our PhytHerbo range is composed of plants in flakes or powder form and has been specifically created to be used in phytotherapy.
We also offer various customized services like grinding, sieving and heat processing of your own raw materials.

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