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Contact Name: Adina Cosmetic Ingredients
Telephone: 01892517585
Email: sales@adina.co.uk
Website: https://www.gobiotics-ingredients.com/

Company Profile

Dedicated to the development of natural, sustainable, and microbiota-friendly ingredients since 2003, Gobiotics is a long-standing and passionate expert in prebiotic skincare. Scientifically supported using advanced tested methods, Gobiotics’ portfolio of high-performance actives has been developed to respect skin’s delicate barrier and natural skin microbiota, whilst delivering a multitude of benefits. Each and every ingredient is derived from renewable vegetable sources and is based on chicory inulin, agave polysaccharides, newly discovered polysaccharides, and rice derivates.


12:10 pm - 12:30 pm

Unlocking the Acne Microbiome: It’s not what we thought

Acne is an awful disease and fortunately, cosmetics can help a lot to treat acne-prone skin. However, traditional approaches often overlook the skin microbiome. By acknowledging that acne is also a disease of the skin microbiome, we can develop better treatments with surprising results. How can you do this? Make sure to join Partick Gonry... Read more »

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