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Category: Ingredients - Actives, Naturals

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With their silanol technology expertise and specialist knowledge of peptides, organic compounds and other molecules, Exsymol’s exciting range of high quality cosmetic actives ingredients have excellent efficacy data and are well suited to premium lines.



Monaco-based cosmetic actives experts Exsymol have developed and patented a new photo-protective biomolecule that meets formulators’ needs for anti-aging, UV-protection and anti-pollution claims.

The molecule, dubbed Solexyl , is a conjugate derivative of thiomethylpropenoic acid, an isomer of Entadamide A found in tropical vines. Whilst skin protection against external aggressions is widely recognised, awareness of the impact of “internal aggressions” on skin is increasing. This active is both able to play a photoprotective role, like natural chromophores (melanin, tryptophan, urocanic acid) as wellas preventing adverse effects (premature aging, inflammation, immunosuppression) which are often generated by these natural chromophores.

INCI: Methylpropanediol & Hydroxyethyl Methylthiopropenamide

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