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Evident Ingredients


Stand: 535

Telephone: +49 40468 964777
Email: sales@evident-ingredients.com
Website: https://evident-ingredients.com/

Company Profile

Evident Ingredients is a new company with a combined experience of 50 years as chemists, cosmetic scientists, raw material suppliers and entrepreneurs. Their philosophy regarding product selection embraces a scientific approach to ensure maximum efficacy of all materials. The EvicideĀ®line provides modern alternative preservation and product protection solutions as well as a range of natural emulsifiers. With access to new and sustainable technologies, the possibilities of safe preservation have changed fundamentally: nature-identical food preservatives have gained attention as well as antimicrobial, multi-functional ingredients. These act as boosting agents for mild and skin friendly preservatives and provide the opportunity to work completely without traditional preservatives. The EvicideĀ® product line enables formulators to create safe and natural formulations which are both skin and environmentally friendly.

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