Eurofins Product Testing Services UK Ltd

Stand: 130
Category: Regulatory Support, Testing - Analytical, Testing - Claim Substantiation, Testing - Microbiology

Contact Name: Samantha Duffy
Telephone: +44 161 868 7699
Address: Dunham House, Cross Street, Sale, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M33 7HH, United Kingdom

Company Profile

We can test and evaluate an unparalleled range of cosmetics, toiletries and raw materials for their efficacy, safety and regulatory compliance including, Hair Care, Skin Care, Make-up and Beauty Products, Bodycare and Oral Hygiene products.
Clinical studies may be conducted under medical control (i.e. dermatologist, ophthalmologist, paediatrician, gynaecologist, dentist) or specialists (hairdresser, beautician etc.) and /or incorporate instrumental analysis to suit your specific requirements.

The laboratories with the Eurofins' group have over 40 years' experience in the cosmetic testing field and a selection of the services we offer is as follows;
•In-vitro tests - Cytotoxicity, skin irritation, skin corrosion, eye irritation, skin adsorption
•Safety tests including various Patch tests
•Challenge tests
•Stability and Packaging Compatibility Studies
•Shelf life and PAO studies
•Microbiological evaluation
•Claim support, efficacy & performance testing
•Home User Trials and sensorial studies, assessment of consumer preferences
•Solar protection testing (Sunscreen / SPF products) - in vitro and in vivo methods
•Chemical and physical analysis e.g. heavy metals, formaldehyde, preservatives
•Verification of formulations
•Perfumes and Essential Oils - including allergen analysis
•PIF review and labelling checks

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