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Category: Hair Care - Conditioning, Hair Care - Shampooing, Ingredients - Actives, Ingredients - Oils/ Butters/ Waxes, Male Grooming - Bath & Shower, Male Grooming - Shaving, Naturals, Skin Care - Anti-Aging, Skin Care - Body Care, Skin Care - Facial Care, Skin Care - Hands & Feet, Sun Care - After Sun, Toiletries - Baby Care, Toiletries - Bath & Shower, Toiletries - Facial Cleansing, Toiletries - Hand Washing

Contact Name: Jean-Pierre Cavin
Telephone: +33 1 42 42 05 05
Address: 25, rue Georges Bizet, Nanterre, 92000, France

Company Profile

E.U.K. specialises in the manufacture and marketing of exotic plant extracts from all parts of the World, with guaranteed provenance. Our team is available to investigate any particular plant or marine preparation and to provide technical assistance in marketing and product development.
E.U.K. also offers a range of naturally derived active ingredients including AHA from fruits and flowers, Ceramides from wheat, Dystyrosine® natural skin whitening agent, Relifol® to rebuild and protect the epidermal barrier and Caffeslim® for body contouring.
We offer flexibility in preservatives, provenance and extraction solvents to meet your marketing requirements.

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