Desert King

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Contact Name: Nicola Bowyer
Telephone: 01344397752
Address: Arc House, Terrace Road South, Binfield, RG42 4PZ, United Kingdom

Company Profile


Desert King are a leading supplier of Yucca & Quillaja extracts for Personal Care and other markets.

Desert King have pioneered a sustainable forestry management technique utilising branches, bark & limbs, rather than felling trees, to avoid reducing native forests, earning them recognition from the Chilean Ministry of Forestry.

By establishing dedicated Quillaja plantations, Desert King is reducing pressure on native forests and ensuring a long term sustainable harvest.
Using sustainable harvesting and extraction methods, they have developed a range of natural extracts for personal care applications. Their Quillaja extracts have excellent natural cleansing properties and a strong sustainability story.

Andean Q Ultra V is a purified natural aqueous extract of the Chilean Soap Bark Tree - effective foaming and cleansing agent which provides gentle cleansing without stripping the skin.


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