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CQV Co. Ltd., located in South Korea, is an innovative leading manufacturer of special effect pearl pigments, that produces not only the standard and basic natural mica base pearl pigments (some of them are Ecocert and Cosmos certified) , but also more sophisticated pigments based on borosilicate and alumina substrates.


CQV offers attractive colors with high quality, speedy delivery, competitive pricing, convenient MOQ's and prompt feedback, so many key cosmetic manufacturers worldwide already benefit from using our pigments such as:

- Econa : ecological pigments that offer vibrant colours, without using animal origin raw materials such as carmine, these pearls also offer anti-oxidant properties thanks to natural plant extracts used.

- Mirinae : alumina based pigments that offer unique luminous and sparkling effects.

- Featheleve : pure platy TiO2 (without substrate) that offer a soft iridescent effect for colour correction, and impart sun protection to the skin.

- Magchrom : natural mica pigments with higher chroma and luster.

- Esorora Glare : optically variable pigments with a multicolor holographic effect.


CQV is committed to the complete eradication of child Labour in Indian natural mica mines not only as founding member of the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI), but also by means of regular internal inspections and audits (through TÜV) to verify the absence of child labour in our supply chain

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