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British Wax


Hair Care - Styling
Male Grooming - Bath & Shower
Skin Care - Body Care
Skin Care - Facial Care

Stand: 663

Telephone: +44 (0) 7745 529972
Email: wax@britishwax.com
Website: https://www.britishwax.com
Address: 35 Holmethorpe Avenue, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2NB, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Enabling customers to create truly sustainable natural products with supply chain transparency.
- British Wax is a manufacturer, established 1914
- We provide waxes and blends supported by transparent supply chains
- Our mission is for animals, people, plants and planet to thrive.

At British Wax, we are dedicated to manufacturing and providing quality renewable, natural and sustainable wax products. Our expertise and passion in natural waxes is supported by our deep-dive sourcing strategy. We purchase from trusted suppliers who adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and support CSR projects that have positive impact on the environment, society and local economy.
This year, we are proud to showcase beeswax from our group business The East Africa Wax Company (EAWC) and provide information on social impact, biodiversity, reforestation activities, and positive climate impact. We can proudly describe our supply chain from 'HIVE to Formula'.
Visit our friendly team at 663 - let’s talk wax!

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