Stand: 122
Category: Hair Care - Colouring, Hair Care - Conditioning, Skin Care - Anti-Aging, Sun Care - Protection

Contact Name: Rosana Saldaña
Telephone: +34 93 834 7854
Address: PARC CIENTIFIC BARCELONA, Baldiri Reixac, 4 - 8,08028, Barcelona, Spain, 08028, Spain

Company Profile

Bicosome Company develops and commercializes advanced cosmetic ingredients using a patented proprietary platform called Bicosome®.
Bicosome technology is a nanostructured skin delivery system made up of intelligent structures able to target specific skin layers, which makes treatments more effective, specific and safe.
Bicosome offers a proprietary line of advanced ingredients that includes a biomimetic filler “Bicosome® FS”, a deep sun protection system “Bicotene® complex”, a whitening Complex “Bicowhite®” and a sebum control system “Bicomide®”.
Our Company welcomes SCS formulate launching our latest innovation, the Bicohair® Technology.

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