BC Cosmetics & Food / CR&D

Stand: 607
Category: Decoratives - Body Makeup, Decoratives - Facial Makeup, Decoratives - Lip Products, Hair Care - Colouring, Hair Care - Conditioning, Hair Care - Shampooing, Ingredients - Actives, Ingredients - Emulsifiers, Ingredients - Oils/ Butters/ Waxes, Ingredients - Preservative, Ingredients - Surfactants, Male Grooming - Bath & Shower, Male Grooming - Shaving, Naturals, Skin Care - Anti-Aging, Skin Care - Body Care, Skin Care - Facial Care, Skin Care - Hands & Feet, Toiletries - Baby Care, Toiletries - Bath & Shower, Toiletries - Facial Cleansing, Toiletries - Hand Washing, Toiletries - Oral Care

Contact Name: Consuelo Polzi
Telephone: +390331606842
Email: info@beautyandcosmetic.eu
Website: http://www.beautyandcosmetic.eu
Address: Via Redipuglia 150, Gorla Minore, VA, 21055, Italy

Company Profile

B.C. Cosmetics & Food offers innovative surface active materials delivering mildness with excellent cleansing activity, including 100% natural detergent bases and speciality emulsifiers for o/w, w/o systems and wet-wipes. Through our sister company CR&D, we present highly bio-available actives of proven efficacy for a wide range of cosmetic and personal care applications, including many with COSMOS accreditation. Our latest product line features Hyaluronic Acid derivatives and cross polymers for enhanced sensory performance.

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