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Fair Trade
Hair Care - Colouring
Hair Care - Conditioning
Hair Care - Shampooing
Hair Care - Styling
Ingredients - Actives
Ingredients - Emulsifiers
Ingredients - Oils/ Butters/ Waxes
Ingredients - Surfactants
Male Grooming - Bath & Shower
Male Grooming - Shaving
Skin Care - Anti-Aging
Skin Care - Body Care
Skin Care - Facial Care
Skin Care - Hands & Feet
Sun Care - After Sun
Sun Care - Protection
Sun Care - UV Filters
Toiletries - Anti-Perspirants
Toiletries - Baby Care
Toiletries - Bath & Shower
Toiletries - Deodorants
Toiletries - Depilatories
Toiletries - Facial Cleansing
Toiletries - Hand Washing
Toiletries - Oral Care

Hall(s): Hall 1
Stand: 1050

Contact Name: Deedi Modey
Telephone: 07500990657
Email: deedi.modey@basf.com
Website: https://www.personal-care.basf.com/
Address: 2 Stockport Exchange, Railway Road, Stockport, SK1 3GG, United Kingdom

Company Profile

BASF offers one of the most comprehensive ingredients portfolios in the personal care industry. We provide the resources of a global industry leader along with consumer insights, sustainable solutions and the innovative drive our customers expect. Our high-quality product range includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active
ingredients, UV filters, thickeners, protein products and lipid layer enhancers. With production and development sites as well as sales and marketing offices all over the world, we offer our customers the winning combination of global reach and market intelligence, technological excellence and formulation expertise. We have integrated sustainability into all our processes and value chains. Our focus on consumer trends, specific industry requirements and the ability to innovate and bring new products and concepts rapidly to the market contribute strongly to the success of our customers – and make BASF a valued partner for the personal care industry.


10:10 am - 10:30 am

Beyond UV Filters: The Future of Solar Cosmetology

As consumers are increasingly aware of the dangers of excessive sun exposure, and become more demanding of broad spectrum photoprotection, brands are challenged with building UV protection into Personal Care offerings -driving the trend for layering Sun Care across the different cosmetic segments. This ‘Sunnification’ trend blurs the lines between traditional Sun Care, Skin Care... Read more »

11:30 am - 11:50 am

Creative Formulation Design – Intentional Sensory and Textures

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