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Upcycling Holistic Blends

Atanor 118 Ltd. was founded in Barcelona in 2016. Its name comes from the ovens used by alchemists in their search for the philosopher's stone, in combination with the 118 elements of the periodic table. The search for and use of active ingredients dates back to prehistory and the desire for new discoveries is still valid today. We are dedicated to the production and distribution of these new exclusive and innovative active ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. We are a company that integrates the experience of years of work in the component sector, providing knowledge, innovation, application and business to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market. At Atanor 118, like the alchemists, we pursue the illusion of finding combinations that allow us to make a better World.

Active and Functional Ingredients at this years show:

Olivan Antiox 100% Origin
Elasticity & Firmness
Olivan Cicapure 100% Origin
Wound Healing
Equo T Upcycling
Skin Balance
FlavoSol Upcycling
Skin protection
RubrumOx Upcycling
Skin energy
Upowders Upcycling
Range of superfood powders

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