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Stand: 820

Telephone: 01527 594630
Email: sales@lakecm.co.uk
Website: https://assessa.com.br/

Company Profile

ASSESSA pioneered the development of extraction processes based on water and the use of biocatalysis and biotransformations to develop innovative and effective products for use in products for personal care. Sustainability, safety, and efficacy are the starting point for any new development.
The company boasts a highly qualified technical team that supplies groundbreaking high-performance bioactive ingredients to the personal care industries across the world. A Research, Development, and Innovation team brings together more than 20 renowned scientists working on different projects and a vast network of partner laboratories in different research centers in Brazil.
More than 180 tons of ingredients are produced annually, supplying the global cosmetic industry. Our ingredients are exported to more than 15 different countries and are used by the most prestigious brands in the world.
The company adopts in his research projects the principles of Green Chemistry, with emphasis on the prevention of waste generation, the use of safer solvents and auxiliaries, the design for energy efficiency, and the use of renewable feedstock.

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