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Aplechem is a cosmetic technology supplier with a diverse range of ingredients and intermediates of cosmetics, personal care and suncare formulations.

GBlock: the very first UV filter mineral ingredient approved by COSMOS. With G-block series, it is now possible to formulate organic UV protection. The natural and safe dispersion of G-block products provide the most efficient combination of high transparency, excellent texture, broad spectrum protection and SPF performance in a very stable dispersion. Easy to formulate.

Nature Vgel: Nature Vgel is a hybrid material comprised of natural oils and an advanced synthetic polymer blend.  There are two series of Nature Vgel produts- the Elastic Gel (EG) series and the Flowing Gel (FG) series. Great for lipsticks.

Sorbithix L-100 is a transformative new non-ionic associative thickener for personal cleansing formulations. It features a cutting edge "multi-arm" technology that allows it to greatly enhance thickening in all types of surfactant systems, and is designed to work effectively with modern surfactants like glutamate and isethionate.It is the only thickener on the market that can boost and sustain viscosity in formulations containing high amounts of fragrance while still maintaining foaming properties.


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