Stand: 629

Telephone: +44(0)20 8879 5507

Company Profile

Applechem is a cosmetic technology supplier with a diverse range of ingredients and intermediates of cosmetics, personal care and suncare formulations.
GBlock: COSMOS approved Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide dispersions. With G-block series, it is now possible to formulate organic UV protection with ease.
Oleoflex: Elastomeric texturizer and co-structurant for natural oils. There are two series of Oleoflex products- the Elastic Gel (EG) series and the Flowing Gel (FG) series.
Sorbithix – Transformative non-ionic thickener for sulfate-free shampoos. Excellent thickening in all surfactant systems.
Applecare PDS300: COSMOS approved pigment dispersing agent for hydrophilic colour pigments.
G-Gel: Next generation of bentonite clay master gels. Build thixotropic viscosity within the oil phase in formulations.
Sensogel: Liguid acrylate thickener with fresh featherlight properties.
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