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AJINOMOTO – always a front-runner of amino acids-based cosmetic ingredients!

Natural derived amino acids are the heart of all Ajinomoto personal care ingredients. That's why you can count on them to be non-irritating and gentle to skin and hair, functional and beneficial, highly biodegradable, environmentally friendly and perfect fit for natural cosmetic concepts.

Experience the moisturising surfactant brand AMISOFT and the ideal foaming surfactants AMILITE.

Nourish and repair the skin and hair with our humectants AJIDEW & PRODEW and our emollients ELDEW.

Increase silky texture with AMIHOPE

Create unique clear oil gels with innovative combination of GP-1 and EB-21

Use the benefits of a hydrogel with AMISAFE! Boost your preservation system with PRODEW P-DS-12

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