Agrana Stärke GmbH

Hall(s): Hall 1
Stand: 105
Category: Decoratives - Facial Makeup, Hair Care - Shampooing, Ingredients - Emulsifiers, Naturals, Organics, Skin Care - Facial Care

Contact Name: Dr. Tatjana Figl-Wolfsberger
Telephone: +43 2277 90303-0

Company Profile

AGRANA is a leading international manufacturer of (natural/organic-certified) STARCHES based on maize (= corn), rice and tapioca inter alia for the cosmetic industry.

Our starches are used as “green” aesthetic and as rheology modifiers in creams and lotions or as powder base in decorative cosmetic. A further important application is in aerosols (APS, dry hair shampoo):

For dry hair shampoo we offer white and coloured starch powders coated with iron oxides. Further our various starches are capable to replace talcum, silicones and small sized microplastic.

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