Sustainability without compromise – Rethinking water-in-silicone emulsions!

Cornelius delivering The Difference

Cor-Sil Avance™ (INCI PEG-7 Dimethicone Ether) is a revolutionary patented water-in-silicone emulsifier specifically developed for use in personal care.

The unique molecular structure of Cor-Sil Avance™ allows rapid emulsification (reducing lab and factory production time by up to 50%) and emulsification at room temperature (saving up to 50oc on process heating). This shortened emulsification time and cold processing not only saves energy, reducing carbon footprint and cost but also liberates capacity at the manufacturing site.

In addition, formulating with Cor-Sil Avance™ achieves a reduction of formulation ingredients in the chassis saving up to 40% on formulation costs, plus up to 50% reduction on raw material inventory management.  Fewer ingredients result in less product stewardship and transportation, again reducing environmental impact.

All this is achieved without compromise to premium sensorial properties. Cor-Sil Avance™ produces emulsions with a light elegant skin feel, improved after feel with no pilling and quick breaking yet robust textures. Cor-Sil Avance™ is stable with a wide range of ingredients including pigments, humectants, sunscreens, external phase thickeners as well as plant oils and naturally derived esters making it the ideal for a wide range of colour cosmetic, skin, and sun care formulations.