NuColl® Pro an innovative polypeptide for hair manageability and styling.

NuColl® Pro is an innovative polypeptide and vegan collagen biodesigned for hair styling and manageability for more good hair days. Suitable for all hair types, NuColl® Pro demonstrates significant results in managing textured, color-treated, and damaged hair.

NuColl® Pro was tested on a variety of hair types, demonstrating significant improvement in:

  • Frizz and volume control
  • Curl definition
  • The appearance of split ends
  • Smoothness

NuColl® Pro is ideal for green and clean hair care formulas, certified vegan and cruelty-free, Halal, USDA BioPreferred, Non-GMO, and readily biodegradable. NuColl® Pro meets strict clean beauty standards and is compliant with finished good certifications including Kosher, Leaping Bunny®, EWG Verified™.

NuColl® Pro is soy-free, gluten-free, free of known allergens, and free from phthalates, parabens, triclosan, urea, BHT, and BHA

Recommended dosage: 0.25-1%


Featured formula: Protein-rich Leave-in Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner is lightweight and aids in hair manageability and styling. Unlock multiple benefits in a single product and achieve healthier-looking hair with improved smoothness and shine, reduced frizz, and improved curl definition and retention.

Get the formula: https://www.ulprospector.com/en/na/PersonalCare/Detail/111504/6570129/Protein-Rich-Leave-In-Conditioner?st=20&sl=151165348&crit=SW50ZXJuZXQgU2VhcmNoID4gR2VsdG9y&ss=2

J. Rettenmaier & Sohne

Conventional Liquid Shampoo converted to (dehydrated) Shampoo Bars

“Solidification” of Liquid Shampoos and Conditioners using enhanced Microcrystalline Cellulose fibres:

Water-free products allow for a range of plastic-free packaging options and dramatically reduce transportation and storage costs as well as the product’s carbon footprint. Preservative free options are also made possible.

JRS’s (J Rettenmaier & Sohne) technology allows for the conversion of liquid shampoos, conditioners and, indeed, individual liquid surfactants and other raw materials into water free solids. The relatively small number of  surfactant  options for shampoo bars tends to result in products that do not perform as well as their liquid alternatives. This “Solidification” technology allows for shampoo bars which have the exact same INCI list as liquid shampoo formulations and, consequently, the same performance characteristics.

The process allows for the removal of water and the resultant granules can be stamped into bars or used as a “just add water” concentrates etc…

This technology is a huge leap forward in terms of offering high performance water-free alternatives to traditional liquid formulations.

Aston Chemicals

Lotion de L'Ocean

Lotion de L’Ocean is a velvety soft, Zinc Oxide only, SPF 30 body lotion which is transparent on all skin tones. The silky textured oil-in-water emulsion is created using the world’s first upcycled seaweed emulsifier, SeaBalance 2000!


SeaBalance 2000: The Solution for upcycled emulsification and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

A 100% natural polymeric emulsifier, upcycled from over-abundant Sargassum seaweed!

  • Stabilises oil-in-water emulsions
  • Light, velvety non-tacky texture
  • Cold processable
  • Prevents greenhouse gas release  
  • Suspending and thickening properties
  • Compatible with most cosmetic ingredients
  • Salt and pH tolerant


Lotion de L’Ocean utilizes the power of the ocean with aquatic ingredients to compliment the sunscreen activity:

  • MARSturiser – a bacterial ferment from the Rio Tinto river, which provides intense moisturisation
  • InvinCity – a sustainably sourced and hand-harvested algal extract, which reduces redness and protects skin against pollution
  • ImerCare Vitaskin – an aquatic mineral which protects against pollution by absorbing airborne pollutants into its highly porous structure


Feel-Good Magic Stick

Live and love your beauty with the Feel-Good Magic Stick!

This aqueous stick comes with a lightweight, non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated with a fresh watery sensation.

Fuelled with Rootness® Mood+, a natural active ingredient that mimics the benefits of sunlight to boost the production of well-being molecules by the skin, and B-Circadin®, that helps the skin resynchronize its biological rhythm, this formulation instils a fresh “Joyology” push to lift the mood whenever one feels the need for it.

Givaudan Active Beauty

S3D HydraSplash Shower - The in-shower 24hr hydrating care

Let’s cut your body care routine in half thanks to this in-shower smooth gel!

S3D® HydraSplash Shower is a water-activated in-shower gel designed to be applied to wet skin to moisturise, sooth & maintain the hydration of the skin. This concept features PrimalHyal™ Hydra[+], a new cationic hyaluronic acid (HA) crafted by white biotechnology, BisaboLife®, a purest and sustainable (-)-α-bisabolol and Aloe Vera LG Veragel.

Bring skin hydration to the next level!


Skin microbiome Testing for Cosmetic Brands

At Sequential, we have developed a proprietary skin patch as a skin microbiome testing method to extract microbial material from the skin in a way that is more efficient than any other method within the industry. We launched the world’s first at-home skin microbiome testing kit, and since then have developed our B2B2C offering, enabling brands to provide skin health reports and personalised product recommendations to their customers based on their individual microbiome profiles.

This innovation delivers a step-change for the industry by increasing brand and consumer awareness of the skin microbiome’s role in maintaining skin health. By using our at-home testing kit, brands can make better recommendations for their customers, and consumers can improve their skin health. Additionally, by helping consumers buy the right product for their skin microbiome, this innovation can help eliminate the waste created as a result of discarding ineffective products.


Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate

In the drive to achieve greater sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the personal care products we use in our day to day lives, buying a concentrated shampoo or bodywash and diluting at home allows us to reduce the transportation impact on the environment and our reliance on plastic packaging. One major disadvantage in diluting a concentrate is that invariably this involves a difficult to handle high viscosity liquid that is diluted to a lower viscosity finished product… until now that is…

Using our patented science and technology, we have developed an innovative low viscosity blend of sulfate free surfactants that, when diluted in a 1:3 ratio with tap water in a refillable bottle, creates a viscous high foaming shampoo offering a texture similar to a conventional formulation. In addition to the reduction in water transport and removal of plastic packaging this formulation achieves above 96% naturality when calculated in accordance with the ISO 16128 guidelines.

How to use: To prepare the shampoo fill a refillable bottle up to ¼ full with the Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Replace the lid and shake the bottle well. A thick shampoo will be formed instantly. Allow to stand for the bubbles to clear. To use the shampoo apply to wet hair, lather and rinse.


Specialists in BIO-Technology, Labio explain “Fermentology” to produce 100% Natural Fermentoil.

Fermentology describes the unique and incomparable biological process of fermentation technology . Fermentology  is a 100% natural process and creates cosmetic ingredients with added skin benefits such as anti-ageing, moisturising  and antioxidant activities.  Demand to incorporate fermented ingredients into cosmetics continues to grow.

Fermentoils are produced by a patented fermentation of vegetable oil, utilising a selected Pseudozyma sp.. The resultant Fermentoils comprise a higher free fatty acid concentration, active poly phenols and a higher concentration of alpha-tocopherol.  Mannosylerythritol lipids (MEL’s) are also produced . These bio-surfactants are a type of glycolipid that improve the moisturising and emulsifying capability of the original oil. Fermentoils have a lower surface tension, higher spreadability giving them a less greasy feel and greater skin absorption.

Fermentoils are available as individual oils or as our carefully chosen blends,
(Fermentoil Complexes) for hair, face and body . Custom made Fermentoils are also available.

J. Rettenmaier & Sohne

Shampoo and Conditioner- “Solidification” technology

JRS are proud to announce their ground breaking technology which allows for the conversion of liquid shampoos, conditioners and individual surfactants into granules and powders. These can then be stamped into bars as required.

JRS’s specially processed microcrystalline cellulose fibre adsorbs liquid surfactants onto its surface and acts as a substrate after water has been removed. This effectively allows for any liquid shampoo to be converted to a solid bar with high active levels (up to 70% active).

This technology can revolutionise the shampoo and conditioner market and reduce the use of plastic packaging as well as dramatically reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint.

Ascot International


Beauty Veda offers dermatologically tested, safe to skin, clinically proven, non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin, 100% herb active blends, having various cosmetic properties. All the products are manufactured by a zero-waste manufacturing process in a completely sustainable manner.

Babchi Bronze is a specially formulated 100% herb-actives blend to provide skin, a natural – gentle tanned look, minimize the adverse effects of pollution induced damage and reverse its visible signs, up to significant levels.

Kaya Klay – A fine blend of fine Multani clay and aqueous herbal extracts, scientifically chosen for their high efficacy cosmeceutical properties, the application of Kaya Klay helps in the retention of moisture. The blended ingredients relax the pores of the skin, help improve microcirculation and detoxify skin.

Peptiprotect is a custom made, carefully formulated blend of three standardized herbal extracts having an unmatched safety profile and being used traditionally to treat skin for improving its texture, giving radiance and soothing effects, keeping it hydrated and prevention against sun damage.

Eclipta Crown is a composition of six wholesome herbal extracts having superior anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, hair volume improving, hair tensile strength improving and scalp healing properties with an excellent safety profile.


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Statfold Seed Oil Ltd