Call for Presentations

Congratulations! You’ve been selected by the SCS to submit a paper.


Please fill in the below form to submit your presentation paper proposal for consideration for inclusion in the scientific programme for SCS Formulate 2023. You have been selected as you have engaged with SCS Formulate previously and the Organising Committee feel your company/organisation have interesting content to contribute to the conference.

The scientific programme is split into two streams:

Sustainability Studio

Focusing on all aspects of sustainability within the personal care industry. Covering a wide range of topics such as; legislation, packaging, formulating, life cycle analysis, recycling, standards, supply chain, store design, raw materials, etc.


The Inform programme will cover the key issues facing the personal care and cosmetics industry. These topics are over arching and industry wide, such as trends, regulatory and legislative updates, scientific / economic issues facing our industry

Please note:

  • All papers must be presented in English
  • Papers should be submitted under the name of the person intending to present them at SCS Formulate
  • More than one paper may be submitted by universities, companies or individuals
  • Presentations must be non-commercial
  • There is no fee to submit a presentation proposal or to speak at SCS Formulate

Deadline for submissions: 14 April 2023


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  • Presentation Details

  • One per entry
  • Please submit 3-5 learning points for your proposed presentation.
  • If your presentation involves more than one speaker, please include their name, job title, company name and bio in this box, along with the bio of the person making the submission, who should also be a speaker on the presentation.
    N.B. In ticking either options 1 or 2, Speakers indemnify Step Exhibitions and the SCS, organisers of SCS Formulate, against liability for publication of any images or material within their presentation that are copyright protected by a third party, and in giving permission to publish their slides from SCS Formulate, accept responsibility for seeking permission for the publication of images or material within that presentation, from third parties, and for the legal costs of any infringement of said copyright.
  • Please attach a jpg image of the proposed speaker of this presentation. If there is more than one speaker, please send their photograph separately to
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