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NuColl® Pro an innovative polypeptide for hair manageability and styling. NuColl® Pro is an innovative polypeptide and vegan collagen biodesigned for hair styling and manageability for more good hair days. Suitable for all hair types, NuColl® Pro demonstrates significant results in managing textured, color-treated, and damaged hair. NuColl® Pro was tested on a variety of... Read more »

J. Rettenmaier & Sohne

Conventional Liquid Shampoo converted to (dehydrated) Shampoo Bars Visit stand 319 to learn more! “Solidification” of Liquid Shampoos and Conditioners using enhanced Microcrystalline Cellulose fibres: Water-free products allow for a range of plastic-free packaging options and dramatically reduce transportation and storage costs as well as the product’s carbon footprint. Preservative free options are also made... Read more »

Aston Chemicals

Lotion de L'Ocean Visit stand 709 to learn more! Lotion de L’Ocean is a velvety soft, Zinc Oxide only, SPF 30 body lotion which is transparent on all skin tones. The silky textured oil-in-water emulsion is created using the world’s first upcycled seaweed emulsifier, SeaBalance 2000!   SeaBalance 2000: The Solution for upcycled emulsification and... Read more »


Feel-Good Magic Stick Visit stand 525 to learn more! Live and love your beauty with the Feel-Good Magic Stick! This aqueous stick comes with a lightweight, non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated with a fresh watery sensation. Fuelled with Rootness® Mood+, a natural active ingredient that mimics... Read more »

Givaudan Active Beauty

S3D HydraSplash Shower - The in-shower 24hr hydrating care Visit stand 700 to learn more! Let’s cut your body care routine in half thanks to this in-shower smooth gel! S3D® HydraSplash Shower is a water-activated in-shower gel designed to be applied to wet skin to moisturise, sooth & maintain the hydration of the skin. This... Read more »


Skin microbiome Testing for Cosmetic Brands Visit stand 406 to learn more! At Sequential, we have developed a proprietary skin patch as a skin microbiome testing method to extract microbial material from the skin in a way that is more efficient than any other method within the industry. We launched the world’s first at-home skin... Read more »


Super Sustainable Shampoo Concentrate Visit stand 1018 to learn more! In the drive to achieve greater sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the personal care products we use in our day to day lives, buying a concentrated shampoo or bodywash and diluting at home allows us to reduce the transportation impact on the environment... Read more »


Specialists in BIO-Technology, Labio explain “Fermentology” to produce 100% Natural Fermentoil. Fermentology describes the unique and incomparable biological process of fermentation technology . Fermentology  is a 100% natural process and creates cosmetic ingredients with added skin benefits such as anti-ageing, moisturising  and antioxidant activities.  Demand to incorporate fermented ingredients into cosmetics continues to grow. Fermentoils... Read more »

J. Rettenmaier & Sohne

Shampoo and Conditioner- “Solidification” technology JRS are proud to announce their ground breaking technology which allows for the conversion of liquid shampoos, conditioners and individual surfactants into granules and powders. These can then be stamped into bars as required. JRS’s specially processed microcrystalline cellulose fibre adsorbs liquid surfactants onto its surface and acts as a... Read more »

Ascot International

BEAUTY VEDA Beauty Veda offers dermatologically tested, safe to skin, clinically proven, non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin, 100% herb active blends, having various cosmetic properties. All the products are manufactured by a zero-waste manufacturing process in a completely sustainable manner. Babchi Bronze is a specially formulated 100% herb-actives blend to provide skin, a natural - gentle tanned... Read more »