Aston Chemicals

Lotion de L'Ocean

Lotion de L’Ocean is a velvety soft, Zinc Oxide only, SPF 30 body lotion which is transparent on all skin tones. The silky textured oil-in-water emulsion is created using the world’s first upcycled seaweed emulsifier, SeaBalance 2000!


SeaBalance 2000: The Solution for upcycled emulsification and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

A 100% natural polymeric emulsifier, upcycled from over-abundant Sargassum seaweed!

  • Stabilises oil-in-water emulsions
  • Light, velvety non-tacky texture
  • Cold processable
  • Prevents greenhouse gas release  
  • Suspending and thickening properties
  • Compatible with most cosmetic ingredients
  • Salt and pH tolerant


Lotion de L’Ocean utilizes the power of the ocean with aquatic ingredients to compliment the sunscreen activity:

  • MARSturiser – a bacterial ferment from the Rio Tinto river, which provides intense moisturisation
  • InvinCity – a sustainably sourced and hand-harvested algal extract, which reduces redness and protects skin against pollution
  • ImerCare Vitaskin – an aquatic mineral which protects against pollution by absorbing airborne pollutants into its highly porous structure