The Laura Marshall Memorial Award for Innovation

‘The SCS’ Laura Marshall Memorial Award for Innovation recognises innovation within the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry.  


Voting takes the form of a token to be placed in your chosen finalist's display in the award zone in the exhibition hall. At the end of the first day the votes will be counted and the award presented at the SCS Annual Dinner.


The Make Up Remover Stick is a melting balm with an oily residual film that is rinse-off. The formulation features a self-emulsifier system. Make-up removal has been tested on 8 different products (lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner), waterproof or not. Ingredients include: Soft Sphere HA (spherical shaped fine silica powder coated with HA with silky touch and moisturising effects); Durosoft SF (naturally derived polyglyceryl-4 oleate w/o emulsifier providing broad HLB range); sweet almond, coconut and sunflower oils (softening and nourishing); and Dissolvine GL-47-S (a green chelating agent that can replace EDTA in formulations and can also enhance preservative activity).


This Superfruit Splash Tint is a lip and cheek make-up product that is naturally derived and releases water upon application that instantly refreshes the skin whilst delivering key oil- and water-soluble active benefits in a unique way. The ideal application format for this formulation is a wide stick componentry. It is suggested that it is applied directly to cheeks or lips and blended quickly with fingertips if required. Application should be repeated for a more intense colour and a greater release of water drops. The release of water upon application provides not only a unique texture but also provides a novel method of aqueous active delivery. This allows the incorporation of water soluble actives into a wider variety of products that are primarily anhydrous, such as lipsticks and deodorants.


The distinctive bouncy texture of Sunsory Rebound Balm-in-Gel SPF 20 takes sun care textures to an entirely different level. The buttery formulation applies easily, leaving the skin soft and conditioned. This unique emulsifier-free formulation was achieved by combining Ganex/Antaron Sensory with FlexiThix and RapiThix polymers that provide enhanced cushion and elasticity to the texture. Antaron (Ganex) Sensory polymer provides water resistance, delivers a softer and drier after feel and plays an essential role in providing formula stability to support the claim ‘emulsifier-free’.


Love Down Below – Intimate post-shave balm is a gel cream that is applied following the shaving of intimate areas. Suitable for both men and women, it contains a combination of innovative ingredients, in a novel formulation, that act to reduce irritation and care for the skin. The formulation includes: Tego Pep 4-Comfort (a new tetrapeptide that comforts sensitive skin by reducing redness and burning after shaving); Erylite (providing excellent moisturisation, outperforming glycerin at identical addition levels); Tegosoft OER (a naturally derived ester with jojoba like feel, produced using an environmentally friendly fermentation process); Ximenia oil (a fairly traded African seed oil with anti-inflammatory properties and luxurious silicone like feel); and Carbopol Clear (a new polymer that creates an extremely stable, non-tacky feel).


As an inorganic filter only formulation, this innovative Skin Protecting UV Fluid SPF 50 satisfies some difficult criteria to produce a globally applicable system. The combination of ingredients has attained an exceptionally light, sensory, transparency on the skin, high SPF and UVA protection that also sufficiently covers different regulations to make this a truly global formulation. Inspired by trends in Asia, this free flowing anhydrous system offers a novel approach to incorporating zinc oxide in formulations. Being anhydrous, the formulation also has some inherent water resistance properties.


Maskerade is a customizable, biodegradable mask made from a sustainable cold process pectin, which is then allowed to dry and can then be cut to the required shape. It has been claim tested and has been shown to increase skin hydration by 58% after 10 minutes and in combination with a range of actives can be targeted at a wide range of skin imperfections. A range of options are given: Blue using the hydration of pectin and moisturising actives to give a moisture surge to the skin; Green captures the power of the sea with marine anti-ageing actives; Black has charcoal to purify and black clay to absorb combined with a pore reducing active; Pale Peach brings calming with an active that reduces skin redness. Cleanse/wash/wet skin (use your usual skin care regime). Hold the mask in cold water for 20 seconds then apply to the targeted area and relax for 10-20 minutes. Peel away to reveal hydrated and more radiant skin.

Criteria for Judging

  • How does the product live up to the innovation claimed? i.e. the texture, the appearance, the feel, the science, the principle etc., in written claim.
  • Impact of Innovation
  • Is the Innovation clear to the consumer


The Innovation encompasses all aspects of the industry from the latest formulation to new test methods, an innovative packaging format, electronic advances and beyond.

The Judges

Each entry will be located a unique number and company names will not be seen by the judges. The judges of the Laura Marshall awards will be formed of an independent panel including an end consumer, academic, industry body, product developer and the SCS President.