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Oriel Marine Extracts launch a unique Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract.

What is very different about this ingredient is the fact that it is in a liquid "Free Ion" state so it has bio-availability stats that are quite profound. Three years of scientific studies affirm the benefits witnessed through trials and confirmed by our clients in oral and topical products.

Bio-availability and anti-inflammatory benefits when applied topically in multiple applications or when taken orally as a supplement, cosmocuetical or functional drink offers profound implications for your products to deliver on their promise.

Other benefits delivered through the superior kinetics and dynamics of this patented ingredient when applied topically include:

Improves skin Health and Biomechanics through:

  • Anti inflammatory benefits through all skin layers
  • Improved cell adhesion and cell health
  • Improved skin tone and radiance
  • Improved Hydration and pH
  • Improved skin cell tensegrity and firming
  • Improved cellular architecture
  • Improved skin healing, cell repair and regeneration.

Improves Gene Expression through:

  • Up Regulation of Skin collagen genes,
  • Up Regulation of Extracellular matrix genes
  • Up Regulation of Hair follicle genes.

Certifications include: EU PDO, (Protected Designation of Origin) Organic, Origin Green, Sustainability, SGS, Kosher, Halal, WADA Tested (Drinks & Supplements)

Sea Salt: We also harvest a Sea Salt which has a natural fine grain surface to deliver an exfoliating effect that is smooth, gentle, re-invigorating and re-hydrating to the skin.

Mineral Water from Purified water? Mineral water is a key ingredient to great skincare products. But access to a source is not always available. Transform purified water to a naturally balanced mineral water. Consistent quality any place, every time. A cost effective dilution ratio and solution.


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